One of the main distinctions between Forespect and our competitors is the fact that lumber processed by the sawmill is machined according to our customer needs.

Our state-of-the-art facilities allow us to meet both the National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA) screening standards and small volumes of custom sawn lumber. This adaptability gives Forespect the possibility of a versatile and varied product offering depending on supply and demand.

Forespect mainly transforms the following broadleaved species:

  • Yellow birch
  • White birch
  • Sugar maple
  • Red maple
  • American linden
  • Oak trees
  • Ash trees
  • Poplar trees
  • Black cherry

Depending on the availability of a raw material of sufficient quality, our sawmill also processes small volumes of Canadian hemlockwhite pinewalnut trees and elm trees, mainly for individuals.

In addition to sawn products, our plant also markets its by-products, which are chipssawdust and bark. This diversification allows Forespect to reach more markets and maximize the value of timber.

For any request or to inquire about the processed products and the custom sawing opportunities, please contact our sales manager:

Luc Périard

Plant and sales manager

For any information on log purchase opportunities, please call Robin Leggett 819-426-3553